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Intensive driving courses with a driving instructor in the Oxford area - all day driving lessons to help fast pass a driving test

Refresher 5 hours one-day course £240
Starter 10 hours 2-day course £420
Bronze 15 hours 3-day course £550
Bronze plus 20 hours 4-day course £690
Silver 25 hours 5-day course £840
Silver plus 30 hours 6-day course £990
Gold 35 hours 7-day course £1140
Gold plus 40 hours 8-day course £1290
Diamond 45 hours 9-day course £1590
Diamond plus 50 hours 10-day course including practical test. £1650

Our prices for driving lessons ensure that you invest your money in a structured intensive set of lessons that develops your skills at a safe but quicker pace than having a less regular set of lessons where you can loose confidence in between driving.